Vigeo Property Mastermind

What is Vigeo?

Vigeo is a property mastermind group run by Debbie Dorans. It aims to create a community of ongoing support and mutual accountability for active property investors.

Vigeo will provide support, knowledge, and accountability to push participants to the next level in their property investment journeys.

How will it work?

Vigeo is a full day monthly meeting, held in Sunderland. It will take place on a Saturday to allow maximum flexibility for members. The agenda will be different each month, but may include:

  • Market updates – for all areas of the property industry – including property market overviews, mortgages, lettings, regulatory changes, etc. These updates will provide a summary of the latest news and developments in the property investing world to ensure you are up to date and on top of all important changes/trends.
  • Deal clinic – have your proposed purchases analysed in a safe, confidential environment.
  • Lessons learned – updates on completed deals and valuable learnings to help others.
  • Financial analysis – how to set your business up for success, and what to monitor and test to keep it successful!
  • Guest slots – experts from their chosen fields coming in to deliver education on topics ranging from mindset to commercial conversions to lease options (and many more!)
  • Small group sessions (SGSs) – where you get a chance to go through your business and any challenges/issues/questions with an intimate group of peers and mentors who can provide you with advice, guidance or just a different perspective to help you move forward.
  • Goals – along with yearly work on goal setting, you will set monthly goals and work with an accountability buddy to ensure you stick to those goals and keep progressing.


A sample agenda is set out at the bottom of this document.

There will be an ongoing private community, including email lists and WhatsApp groups to maintain a continuous dialogue and to ensure help is always on hand if needed. We also intend to develop helpful directories for members, including tried and tested trades which is reviewed and updated on a regular basis!

How is it different?

Debbie recognises the benefits being part of a mastermind has had on her investment career and is passionate about the successes a thriving mastermind group can bring. From her experiences she has taken the parts she felt worked well but sought to improve those which didn’t – with the aim of creating a passionate and helpful community, but one which doesn’t lose the ultimate aim of allowing people to have protected time to have focus placed on their own business, their own challenges, and their own progress and success. For example, Vigeo:

  • Will be totally relevant and up to date, with regular slots on what is happening in all areas of the property market TODAY.
  • Will have dedicated time each month for each attendee to have brainstorming sessions on their own business, as opposed to listening to endless presentations.
  • Doesn’t allow selling – if a speaker comes in, their SOLE ROLE is to provide education and content as a result, we are not afraid to pay speakers for bespoke, quality content as opposed to relying on their stock presentations they may deliver on the property circuit.
  • Will be recorded and available to all members on a dedicated online portal – there is nothing more annoying than paying for something you can’t access just because you can’t make it!

Who is Debbie?

Debbie Dorans has been investing since 2008 and has built a large portfolio using creative financing solutions. Debbie has experience across all property investment strategies including buy-to-let, HMO, commercial conversions, options and land development She runs multiple successful property-related businesses and is recognised as an expert in her field.

Debbie is a fully trained property mentor with 10 years’ investing and 10 years’ mentoring property investors for a multinational education company.

How much does it cost?

Membership of Vigeo will be on an application basis to ensure that each member brings something valuable to the group. However, it is also designed to be affordable and, most importantly, to provide value for money. Membership is capped at 40 people – so once it’s full, its full!

  • Joining fee: £350 + vat per member
  • Monthly fee: £197+ vat per month / £297 + vat per pair


The customer is the Property Investor that has had 2 years+ experience with a number of properties having tried several strategies. They are Men & Women from around the country, 25 onwards, often Public Sector professionals or Private Business owners. They are looking to property as a second business, part of a balanced investment strategy or as a way out of their job.