A one-stop-shop for all your property investment needs

Based in the North East of England, the Vigeo Property Hub brings together like-minded people into a strong, supportive network that can kick start your property investment journey.

We have businesses from finding houses for sale, houses at auction, conveyancing, brokerage, insurance to builders, refurbishment and maintenance teams.
Vigeo is the Latin term for to thrive & grow, and this is our aim for all our clients.
Through our NETWORKS, we PROMOTE, CONNECT and COLLABORATE to make you profit.

Our Values

1. Passion For Property
We love what we do.

2. Action
We know that ideas are no good without determined and committed action.

3. Think Big
We challenge ourselves always to think bigger for our clients and what we are building.

4. Teams
All of our team integrate to give you more than the sum of their individual parts.

5. Empathy
We always strive for understanding with our clients.

6. Networks
We know our Networks reflect our value to our clients

7. Never Settle
We are always focused on learning and adding value to our clients.